I’m Erik, an American tech consultant by day and writer by night.

If you’re planning to spend time in the Philippines, particularly in Manila, then firstly: good choice!

This a distinctive corner of the world where beauty and squalor, tranquility and chaos, coexist and even interdepend.

It can be equal parts fun, fascinating, and frustrating. That’s doubly true as you explore beyond the typical, whirlwind tourist itineraries—not that anything’s wrong with them.

The famous Manila Bay sunset, seen from the Conrad Manila hotel in Pasay

Family ties have led me to repeatedly visit and eventually live in Metro Manila. In that time, I’ve experienced corners of town and facets of life that short-term visitors seldom encounter. To put it another way, I’ve realized how much I didn’t know that I didn’t know when my first flight landed here back in 2013.

Hence Manila FYI.

If anything here helps you understand, enjoy, or thrive in the Philippines, then mission accomplished.

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